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Employment Application

Welcome to Traffic Control Services, LLC

Thank you for your interest in working with Traffic Control Services, doing business as Flagger Force. We are a company dedicated to providing the most professional flagging and work zone protection services. Our field staff are provided with the most up to date training methods, quality equipment and work with the best contractors, utility companies and state, county and local government work crews. We are servicing primarily Pennsylvania, Maryland & Delaware but can and do work in virtually all parts of the United States.

For your information we have listed a few important details regarding working for Flagger Force. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

  • You must own a reliable, personal vehicle that is available to you at all times.
  • Working hours are an average of 30 hours a week throughout the year.
  • We receive orders for positions from leading contractors, utility companies and various governmental work crews.
  • We place only trained, certified flaggers in our available positions. Certification requirements vary by state, but in virtually all states, we provide training at no cost to our employees.
  • We cannot and will not guarantee that any assignment or employment will last for any fixed duration.
  • Once you accept an assignment with Flagger Force you will be given complete instructions as to the location to meet the crew as well as inclement weather instruction. It is your responsibility to use the inclement weather information to determine if your assigned work crew is in fact working on the day of your assignment.
  • Either Flagger Force and/or our client will provide equipment for your use while on assignment. This equipment may include, Stop/Slow paddle, Hard Hat, Safety Vest, Flag, Radio, Safety Glasses or any other required equipment. This equipment is the property of our client and/or Flagger Force. When you receive this equipment we may require a deposit, which will be returned to you promptly when the equipment has been returned in satisfactory condition and all exit interview and paperwork are completed.
  • We are a drug free company and require Pre-Employment, Random, Reasonable Cause & Post Accident/Incident Testing. Many of our positions require background investigations, criminal checks or other background checks. You will be required to authorize Flagger Force to release the results of such testing to our clients as required.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 888-312-3524.

I have read the above statements. I understand and agree to all of these requirements as part of my employment with Traffic Control Services, LLC d/b/a Flagger Force.

Safety Driven

Flagger Force is an industry-leading traffic control company with more than 1,600 safety-driven construction zone
flaggers serving the Mid-Atlantic: PA, MD, DE, NJ and VA.