To show our appreciation for your dedication & hard work, we invite all field employees & their immediate family to enjoy a day at a baseball park!

Games include transportation reimbursement and food vouchers. See FAQs for more details

As a reminder, this is a family-friendly event — we ask that all attendees act in accordance with the company’s Values, Vision, & Mission. Flagger Force trucks will NOT be permitted.

RSVP by May 30th in order to attend. If you have any questions, please contact Rebekah.Miller@flaggerforce.com.

Have questions about the event and this RSVP form? View FAQs here.

*Each employee may bring up to 6 immediate family members. You may bring up to 3 immediate adult family members and up to 3 immediate children family members. If you have more than 3 children, please contact Bekah Miller (rebekah.miller@flaggerforce.com or dial 717-482-8800).

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