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We’ve collected the most frequently asked questions from “What are your hiring requirements?” to “How do I check the status of my application?”

Read through the FAQs below to learn more about jobs and careers at Flagger Force.

What training do you provide?

What positions are you hiring for?

Where are your positions located?

I’m interested in a Field Crew Member position, but I live more than an hour away from any of your branch offices. Can I still work for you?

Why is a valid Driver’s License required?

How do I apply?

Do you offer internships?

What are your hiring requirements?

Who do I contact to check on the status of my application?

How long do you keep applications on file for?

What benefits does Flagger Force offer?

What advancement opportunities are available?

What if I have no Traffic Control experience?

I applied for a Field Position, how long until I will receive a phone call?

We hope that you found these FAQs to be helpful. If you have more questions about our services, please explore our capabilities section, or feel free to contact us online

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“Amy Johnson has been a great point of contact when I call into the King of Prussia Operations facility. She is understanding and helpful when it comes to any questions I have or issues I need addressed. Thank you for being a great advocate for me.”

- Dorian Buchanan, Flagger Force Crew Leader, Since 2013

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