SEND HAD A GREAT DAY ON THE JOB? Encourage your client to submit a Kudo by: KUDOS! To: CC: Subject: HAD A GREAT WORK EXPERIENCE? Submit your own Kudo by email! CALLING THE OFFICE Encourage your clients after a great work day to call the office with their comments on how the day went by saying, “Thanks for working with us today! We hope you felt safe and focused on the job. If you have any comments about how our crew performed, feel free to call our office.” PHONE YOU’RE MAKING US BLUSH KUDOS 10 | KUDOS from the public: “!” from our crew: “!” TABLET SUBMITTING AN EMAIL Clients can also send their positive feedback to At the end of a great day, remind them with, “It was a great day today! My crew and I look forward to watching your backs again. Feel free to send an email about your experience with us to” EMAIL LEAVING A COMMENT ON THE TABLET When handing your client the tablet to sign, point out the comments section and say, “Thank you for a great day! We look forward to keeping you and your crew safe in the future. Feel free to leave a comment in this field about your experience with us today.” It’s easy to show your appreciation! Email your acknowledgments to Today, I met Tyrone Cook. He was working to perform a safe operation for our community. When he encountered neighbors, he was courteous and friendly. I was very impressed with his professionalism and wanted to ensure he is recognized for his efforts.  — “Vicky”, block captain, Philadelphia, PA My wife and I were witnessing a kid try to steal a city bike and I tried to tell him to stop. He was approaching me when Brenda Hunt immediately jumped in front of him and told him to back off. The fact that she would put herself in harms way to protect me, someone she does not know, made me appreciate the employees that Flagger Force has. They care about their community.  — Baltimore city resident Today, Sabrina West did an outstanding job. We were able to complete our work quickly and safely with her keeping our work zone safe. — Alan Raymeyer, foreman, York Excavating Company Kia Copeland was great to work with over the phone and I wanted to thank her for her assistance. She had an all-around great attitude and was very professional. I look forward to calling you again when the need arises. — Mike Becht, foreman, McIntyre Plumbing First, thank you Bethany Houser for helping us with our last-minute request to set up an account with Flagger Force. Second, Andrew Lutz and Thomas Hendricks were exceptional. We had to shut down a busy lane and not once during the day did I worry about traffic, which is quite remarkable considering the circumstances. We will be calling Flagger Force again. — Jordan Lyons, caller, Atlantic Rod Works Anthony Weller should receive recognition for his work today. After finishing his assignment, he came to another site where he stepped in so that the crew could take breaks. He then stayed on site well after his job was completed. — Steve Siar, foreman, Carr Duff Today, I called into the office to cancel my order for tomorrow because we completed our work ahead of schedule. David Anderson, Danyelle Lynch, and Domonique Moore were one of the strongest crews I have had from Flagger Force. It was a pleasure to work with them. — Mike Gilbert, foreman, D&F Construction, Inc. Scott Kessler made our crews feel safe in the work zone today. I appreciated how he checked in with me to see if there was anything else he could be doing for us. — Kirby Kitner, owner, Kirby Kitner Excavating Keith Wolfgang has been doing an excellent job and is very professional with all his work. He gets along with every crew he works with and I always look forward to working with him. — Cory Lee, foreman, Michels Power When Mary Biedka and Michael Eckerman arrive on our site, they are prepared and ready to go. We appreciate being able to start our job on time thanks to these folks. — Jeff Farrar, foreman, American Electrical Testing Co., Inc. I wanted to extend a “thank you” to Danny Rice, Brandon Hamilton, Freddie Moore, Kevin Johnson, Garry Brown Jr., Daniel Carre, Kevin Erskine, and John Rommel. Our setups have improved since our last meeting and we appreciate your hard work!  — Fernando Guzman, general foreman new business, Precision Pipeline Solutions I was very happy and enthused with the communication and professionalism of Malvina (Jami) Hardler and Anthony Poland. We got the work done quickly and I have Flagger Force to thank for that. — Bill Steinhart, foreman, RETTEW Associates The setup performed by Charles Wimberly and Thomas Treat was great. Flagger Force continues to impress me with the crews they have! — Eric Martinez, planner and construction manager, Pike County Light & Power Co. I would like to take the time to acknowledge Dawn Hoch, Antonia Barfield, Kia Copeland, and Karen Lash. I have worked with these ladies daily. The concern they show me and motivation they have provided far exceed anything I would have expected. They are dedicated and loyal to Flagger Force.  — Anthony Pinto, Flagger Force crew leader I wanted to give a KUDO to Herman Black for being a great example of a hardworking Flagger Force employee. No matter the time of day or job given to him he never complains and always gives his very best work. He deserves a KUDO for his great attitude and dedicated hard work. — Annette Clewell, Flagger Force operations specialist KUDOS to Phillip Kosack! Today mother nature decided to welcome spring with a nor’easter, which landed heavily in the central PA area. When we called Phillip to drive over an hour and 45 minutes to the job, he accepted without hesitation. We appreciate your willingness to support our clients and communities. — Kaylee Morrison, Flagger Force operations specialist Today, the crew of Donna Hoffer, Randy Stanley, Jeff Motter, and Michael Whittaker performed an excellent rolling slow down for IB Abel. Not a rock was left unturned as the crew used the tools at their disposal and applied their knowledge through an excellent pre-job brief. They also maintained a great line of communication with the client to get the job done. — Christopher Miller, Flagger Force traffic control coordinator Today, I was working with a client at a very difficult five-way intersection. It could not have gone any better. The team of Brandon Krien, Echo Pertko, Kenneth Critten, Shirley Tagliavia, and Enrico Caprara, came together and did everything right to successfully pull off the job without any problems. — Mark Bowman, Sr., Flagger Force advanced crew leader The sales department greatly appreciates the amount of work Nina Deyoc does for the organization. She is skilled and dedicated in her work. On every phone call she is polite, helpful, and diligent. These skills, and more, are immense contributions to Flagger Force. — Bethany Houser, Flagger Force business development coordinator Samantha Swoger took two different jobs yesterday to help our crews. She did an outstanding job on both and impressed me with her work ethic. The clients had nothing but great things to say about her. — Andrew Lutz, Flagger Force advanced crew leader Lisa Weisbecker was a huge help on our job. She arrived early, and when we were short a crew member, she stepped up to assist our crew. She later posted her position until her crew arrived to take the next shift in the assignment. — Ron Smallwood, Flagger Force advanced crew leader Marie Tannenbaum has impressed me with her level of care of employees over the time I have known her. She helped me with an issue that I felt was not being dealt with correctly. She took the time to research it, work with others, and report back to me how they resolved it.  — JoAnn Poe, Flagger Force advanced crew leader The central PA office was grateful for Kevin Hagerty during the storm this week. He stepped out of his comfort zone and helped us dispatch and take client orders. We are very grateful for his flexibility within our company. — Beth Matriccino, Flagger Force administrative assistant Sean Hawkins and Tony Jackson were great to have on my crew today. Throughout the day, our crew was in sync with what had to be done to keep the client, public, and ourselves safe. — Scott Metcalf, Flagger Force advanced crew leader Today was the first day I worked with William Barksdale. He immediately impressed me with his work ethic and dedication to supporting our clients. The day went quickly and easily with him on site. — Kori Washingtown, Flagger Force crew member