T A I L G A T E T A L K TAILGATE TALK | 3 How Your Winter Bag Adapts to Warm Weather Hot Weather Survival: WHAT TO AVOID The hot weather season is here and with the warm temperatures comes new challenges. If you haven’t yet, adapt your winter pack to be ready for summer. Consider the following hot leads for what to keep on-hand in your warm-weather pack. Signs of Heat Stress Check out the ITZ app to learn the signs of heat stress — only on the app! Learn more about the ITZ app in the Bulletin Board. Water Stay hydrated, especially in humid weather. It’s best to have multiple bottles. First Aid Kit A basic first aid kit is the perfect go-to for any weather condition. Sunscreen Be prepared to block UV rays with at least a 30 SPF. Neck Cooling Towel Keep your provided neck protection towel on-hand. Wet it to help you stay cool. Non-perishable Food Food that doesn’t spoil & is easy to access is best to keep on-hand, like granola. Electrolyte Drink Mix Add to water to keep your body functioning at optimal levels during extreme heat. Lightweight Socks An extra pair of light socks will come in handy when trying to keep your feet dry. Dark Safety Glasses Shading the eyes helps with visibility and overall eye health on bright, sunny days. Ziploc Bags Valuables like your wallet & two-way radios will stay dry in Ziploc bags. Loose-fitting Shirt Wear a light-colored, loose-fit, long-sleeve shirt to stay ventilated & protected. Permethrin Repellent This is the gold standard for repelling ticks. Use it to treat clothing only. Pack/Bag Great for storing all of your to-go supplies — & can be changed with the season. ENERGY DRINKS The high sugar and caffeine content of energy drinks will dehydrate you faster than the hot temperatures — hastening heat stress conditions on the body. EATING LARGE QUANTITIES IN A SINGLE MEAL The extra energy required to digest a big, heavy meal in high heat will stress the body. It’s better to eat several smaller meals or snacks throughout the day to naturally boost metabolism. WEARING TIGHT-FITTING CLOTHING Tight-fitting clothing will get uncomfortable as you sweat. The closeness of the fabric will trap the heat as it tries to leave your body. Wear light-colored, loose layers to stay ventilated. B B A A C C D D E E F F G G H H I I J J K K L L LAST YEAR, 15 employees suffered from heat injuries, with two requiring medical attention. Let’s peer check to keep each other safe!