SEND HAD A GREAT DAY ON THE JOB? Encourage your client to submit a Kudo by: KUDOS! To: CC: Subject: HAD A GREAT WORK EXPERIENCE? Submit your own Kudo by email! CALLING THE OFFICE Encourage your clients after a great work day to call the office with their comments on how the day went by saying, “Thanks for working with us today! We hope you felt safe and focused on the job. If you have any comments about how our crew performed, feel free to call our office.” PHONE YOU’RE MAKING US BLUSH KUDOS 10 | KUDOS Yesterday, in New Jersey, there was a fender bender on a major roadway. This happened about 100 yards away from where a Flagger Force crew was working. Once they became aware of it, Rodger Keaveney and Courtney Santiago sprang into action. They placed safety equipment around the incident to keep the drivers safe until first responders arrived. I was lucky to be in the position to witness this caring action, especially when they were not at all required to do anything.  — Kimberly Carty, motorist The Flagger Force operations staff have worked to improve crew consistency and performance. I am ecstatic with the crews and communication that has been led by this group. — Glenn Sheckler, superintendent, Blue Ridge Communications I would like to give KUDOS to Jerome Cannon. I am interested in applying for a job with the company and was worried about my application. He took the time to talk to me about what to expect from a position such as this and the ability to advance in the organization. He has been a great ambassador to the company for me. — Sierra D. Corbin, community member I appreciated the services that Flagger Force provided us during our recent project. Specifically, I would like to recognize Charles Outlaw. He was on our job site consistently and kept us safe. All I had to do was tell him where we were working, and he would take the initiative to get things going with the other team members. — Mark C. Brosnan, environmental compliance & remediation, Gannett Fleming, Inc. Today, we were able to roll out about 1,000 ft of fiber and lashed it in record time thanks to the Flagger Force crew of Bryan Kaszowski, Carlynn Kanyok, Harold Stitely, Richard Wolfe, Rosetta Burnett, Sara Umholtz, Donna Hoffer, and Jordan Coppersmith. This crew is unbelievably professional. Even when motorists were expressing their frustration about being slowed down, they never let that break them. — Tony DelBiondo, foreman, Verizon,  Altoona From the moment I placed my order with Flagger Force, the staff were very professional and responded quickly to my request for emergency storm work. When the crew of Jose Ortega, Jonathan Weaver, Jonathan Macey, Louis Springer, Bradley Barnes, and Alton Thomas arrived, I was extremely impressed. Their trucks were clean and properly equipped to help us. I am not used to this level of service from our previous provider. I look forward to working with Flagger Force. — Michael Salerno, foreman, Jersey Central Power and Light Last night, I drove through a work zone set up by Donna Hoffer, Walter Hermon, Paul Bixler, Amber Glassman, and Malvina (Jami) Hardler. It was a very nice setup with clean signage and correct spacing.  — Larry Fagan, senior civil engineer transportation, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation I was excited to call and cancel my orders for the rest of the week after the crew of Marlin Rainey, Stephen Burnham, Rayquane Taylor, and Duwan Maye worked very hard to help us finish our project two days early. This crew saved us a lot of man hours by having thoughtful pre-job briefs, communicating throughout the days we worked, and were always early to set up. Flagger Force will be my first call next time!  — Robert Weaver, foreman, KCI Technologies When Karen Lash answered my phone call this morning, she was very pleasant, cheerful, and authentic. I explained to her what I needed, and hinted that I could conduct my work that same day. She took my information and told me she would call me right back. Five minutes later, she called me back informing me that she had a crew available and they will meet me at our site. I could hear in her voice that she enjoys what she was doing. She stuck to her promise of getting right back to me and was great to have a conversation with. It was a personal connection that I will always remember. — Michael Gerrity, supervisor, Communications Cable Services I want to send a personal “thank you” to our employees —  office, field, and corporate — who responded and supported operations during the storms in March. Your willingness and dedication to the job is inspiring and will not be forgotten!  — Alix Thomsen, Flagger Force operations specialist Today during storm response, I was able to work with Emily Dickhoff. We worked together to provide a safe service to our clients. — Jose Velzquez, Flagger Force warehouse coordinator Last night, Akeece Jones helped our crews when there was a lighting issue and miscommunication about what the client needed for the winter storm. With his guidance and support, we were able to get our crew to their job site safely and with the correct equipment. — Kia Copeland, Flagger Force operations specialist Matthew Oyster, and Loran Metzger set up their site to allow for extra buffer space due to the poor weather conditions. I was impressed that they thought through their day enough to allow for it. — Alex Alleman, Flagger Force operations specialist from the public: “!” from our crew: “!” Jason Light, Daniel Keough, and Michael Towbar did a great job during an emergency shutdown. They made the site as safe as possible and worked together to get all the correct signage for the roadway. — Stephany Baver, Flagger Force area supervisor I wanted to take a moment to write this letter in recognition for Reuben Flowers III. Last week, I had a family emergency which was very stressful. Throughout the weekend, Reuben checked in on me and my family, which touched my family and myself. He has been a true representative of the Flagger Force VVM, taking the time to care about his co-workers. — Robert Robertson, Flagger Force crew member I would like to send KUDOS to Daniel Rienstra. He has been an awesome asset to our organization. His willingness to assist and be there to support us is true leadership. I appreciate Dan and all his efforts with projects I have had the opportunity to work with him on. — Jennifer Harmon, Flagger Force customer service manager The entire Western PA office has been going above and beyond within the last few months. They have been doing a great job of getting orders out early and our crews have been exceptionally happy across the board. Thanks for all the hard work! — Cordell Robinson, Flagger Force crew leader I wanted to extend KUDOS to William Good. He was very appreciative after I invited him to an event, but he felt the need to stay and take care of his client rather than attend the lunch. His hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. — Aja Meserole, Flagger Force assistant branch manager Last week, Ebonee Braswell and I worked together for the first time. She was knowledgeable and informative on the type of setup we needed for our operation. At the end of each day, she would brief me on the schedule for the following day and what I should expect. She made me feel a part of the team. — Anthony Mills, Flagger Force crew member Last night, a crew leader called in to the operations center after being concerned about the condition of the roads and being late to the job. Melissa Stark took the time to calm the employee down and was able to provide the confidence the employee needed to continue her day. This kind of conversation is the reason why so many employees here trust Melissa. — Alix Thomsen, Flagger Force operations specialist Eric Fraschilla made me feel welcomed and appreciated on our job today. I learned so much working with him in a short time. He was focused on doing the job safely and remained calm, which enabled me to be focused on my task at hand. He was a great model for me to emulate when engaging with the client and members of the community and was always friendly, respectful, and professional. — Michael Lindsey, Flagger Force crew member TABLET SUBMITTING AN EMAIL Clients can also send their positive feedback to At the end of a great day, remind them with, “It was a great day today! My crew and I look forward to watching your backs again. Feel free to send an email about your experience with us to” EMAIL LEAVING A COMMENT ON THE TABLET When handing your client the tablet to sign, point out the comments section and say, “Thank you for a great day! We look forward to keeping you and your crew safe in the future. Feel free to leave a comment in this field about your experience with us today.” It’s easy to show your appreciation! Email your acknowledgments to