Thank you to the crew of Colin Dean, James Frend, and Chris Meador Jr. From start to finish, these folks did an outstanding job getting our work zone safely set up and protecting us throughout the day. – Mark Hill, Project Manager, Decisive Communications I wanted to send KUDOs to Carl Johns. Today was my first time working with him. His setup was perfect, and up to par with our Flagger Force safety standards. He also kept a great attitude throughout the whole day. — Tony Lee Jr., Flagger Force Crew Member Keith Wiebner did a great job today. I always appreciate when we have Flagger Force with us! – Todd Talheim, Foreman, PPL - Elizabethville During my routine site visits, I stopped by a job site and had the pleasure of watching the team of Brian Andrew, Colleen Pennington, Dwaine Holmes, Chris Simington, Chad DePasquale, and Davion Beck in action. This crew consists of veterans of the company and new team members, but you wouldn’t have known otherwise. The entire crew did a fantastic job on the rolling slowdown operation in Amherst, Virginia. The client was on-site and was happy with their performance. – Sue Kirby, Flagger Force Field Superintendent A few weeks ago, Tanya Allen and Tyrone Cook were outside of my home doing some work. My mother-in-law fell outside of the house, and these two kind individuals came to her assistance. They called 911 and stayed with her until the ambulance came. A few days later, they came to check in on her and see how she was doing. I will be forever grateful for them. – Willow Grove, PA, Resident Our crew of Austin Flanagan, David Cornette, and Sean Fisher kept our operation running smoothly today. Traffic flowed constantly through our work zone. Great work, team! – Talia Krause, Flagger Force Crew Member I would like to extend a thank-you to the crew of Melissa Kohr, Darla Wilson, and Ashley Zimmerman for the great job they did today. We appreciated their work so we could focus on ours. – Mike Summers, Foreman, PPL - Harrisburg East Chase Edwards and Tony Lee Jr. helped our operations staff out today by being flexible with their schedules. We had to coordinate a replacement for a different job, and these folks were understanding and willing to help. – Denise Gangloff, Flagger Force Operations Specialist The crew on our site today, StephenAbel, TiannaMongold, and Shandale Lee, was very good. Their knowledge and dedication to providing a safe work zone setup has left a lasting impression on us. – Doug Stewart, Foreman, PPL - West Shore As I was performing site visits today, I came across the work zone set up by Colin Hodges and Abel Robinault. All signage was set up correctly. They were actively monitoring the area and checking in with the client to see how the job was going. KUDOS to both of you! –Kent Nation, Flagger Force Employee Development Specialist We depend on Flagger Force’s employees to keep my crews safe. Today, Julie Hagen, Brandi Defrahn, John Horner, Matthew Hullenbaugh, Justin Close, and Christopher Harr did a fantastic job doing just that. We can’t do our work without you. – Jim Betar, Foreman, Penelec Today, we had an incident in our work zone of a tractor-trailer hitting one of the pre-existing overhead lines stretching over the road. Christi Bausinger took control and really helped us complete what needed to be done to ensure the safety of the motorists. Thank you, Christi, for a great job and a safe day! – Jason Ebert, Flagger Force Crew Leader Send To... Cc... KUDOS! Subject It’s easy to show your appreciation! Email your acknowledgments to Today, we had an incident in which the back of one of our utility vehicles caught fire after an electrical malfunction. Sherrell Lang and Guy McCall helped saved t he lives of our three workers who were not aware of the fire and were driving away from the jobsite in the front of the truck. Sherrell called one of the employees to make them aware of the fire so that way they could pull over and get out of the vehicle immediately. Their quick thinking saved the lives of our employees! – Guy Shevalier, Foreman, All Cable Last summer, I had the pleasure of working with Christine Dow. She was a true professional at the work we perform, and yet comical at times, which made the workday go by a lot easier. I remember the first time I worked with her, it was a large setup and I was really overwhelmed. She was polite and gave us decent breaks when we needed them, since it was so hot out that day. Over that time, she has been a resource for me, providing me additional knowledge and tips on being a Crew Leader. I would like to thank her for her time and patience. – Terry Barton, Flagger Force Crew Leader Our crew was impressed by the work of Robbin Haverstein. We had a great, safe day with a perfect work zone setup and great traffic movement. –ShaunGeiman, Foreman,PPL-HarrisburgEast Over the past month I have been impressed by the hard work of Tabitha Meador. She has been outstanding with helping the crew with any, and all needs. – Derrick Galloway, Flagger Force Crew Member Ronald Zimmerman and Jason Ebert did a great job today. Thank you for your great work! – Jim Hoke, Foreman, PPL - Elizabethville Sam Stoner and Antonio Cueto had a perfect setup in Lancaster, PA, today. I know our client appreciated their work and knowledge in traffic control. – Kent Nation, Flagger Force Employee Development Specialist Thank you to Glenn Stitt, Lindsey Sokolski, Rodger Keaveney, Ronald Rambo, Jorge Carlos, Andrew Lutz, and Austin Flanagan for a smooth and efficient lane closure operation today. I appreciate the effort you and your team have put into all our high-profile jobs. – Chris Berberable, Field Service Supervisor, Schneider Electric I wanted to commend Kevin Hagerty’s actions in dealing with an accident that involved a motorcyclist and car just after completing his job assignment. Kevin ensured everyone was safe and caught the attention of passing motorist to move over and slow down as they passed until first responders got to the scene. The Hampden Fire Department also thanked him and could not have been more thankful that he was there to assist the motorist and even watch their backs while they attended to the motorcycle driver. – Josh Foltz, Flagger Force Safety Manager I wanted to thank the crew of Chris Bertin, Luke Hunter, and Aaron Baker for their hard work today. They stayed positive and completed the job after maintaining a safe work zone for a client. – Todd Talhelm, Foreman, PPL – Elizabethville Eugene Long is a hard worker and knows how to perform his job duties very well. When I am out on a work zone with him, I trust him. – Brian Woodson, Flagger Force Advanced Crew Leader KUDOS to the Harrisburg Operations Staff for their dedication to their clients even in times of short notice. I could easily contact them and place an order for two advanced crews on very short notice to provide a safe work zone for a job we had that day. Always look forward to working with Flagger Force! – Joel Eshbach, Foreman, PPL - Quarryville This week, I appreciated the work of Louise Lambert, Marcus Pass, and Leanne Beaver. They have been on time, prepared, and have performed their tasks with efficiency and promptness. – Steve Morris, Flagger Force Crew Leader I was very impressed with the work that Kevin Hagerty and Mary Biedka performed for us today. They were on time, knowledgeable, and professional throughout the day. – Wes Hollinger, Foreman, Earthwork Services, LLC I would like to recognize Desiree Parker, who has done an excellent job in the short time she has been here at Flagger Force. Her first assignment was a late-night emergency job and did an outstanding job. A few days later, she impressed not just myself but also the clients of the job on how quickly she was able to help assist in setting up a difficult work zone – Will Crenshaw, Flagger Force Advanced Crew Leader The crew of BernardRiddick and JamarBurton did an outstanding job today. Their hard work does not go unnoticed by our company. – Chris Hoeger, Foreman, PECO- DSO DelChester (DOC) While on lunch today, I came upon the site of Kevin Hagerty, who was assisting newer Crew Member Daniel Downs on how to clean up a work site safely and efficiently. This type of leadership is spoken of, but being able to witness such an interaction in his work site proved to me his integrity shined through today. – Sarah Pabon-Ayala, Flagger Force Operations Specialist Our crew of Catherine Petrucci and David Vesterman did an outstanding job today. I appreciated their professionalism and knowledge of the correct typicals to use for our site. – Marat Mardenov, Foreman, Weston Solutions Jason Goss did a great job today with a pre-con job. He asked some great pre-job brief questions and identified the roles and responsibilities of everyone on-site. By the time it was ready to be executed, everything was set up for a rolling slowdown. The client was extremely happy when we were ready before their subcontractor. They appreciated the fact that we were on our A game. – David Russ, Flagger Force Field Supervisor Today, the crew of Daniel Morekin, David A. Howell, and John Hoover did excellent work on their job site. Everything was completed safely and professionally. Thanks for the great work! – Todd Talhelm, Foreman, PPL - Elizabethville Herman Black is a great example for other Flagger Force employees. He always does his best job and is always willing to travel to support the needs of our clients. – Annette Clewell, Flagger Force Operations Specialist Before Robbin Haverstein and John Hoover started our work zone today, they had a very good pre-job brief. They asked great questions and made me feel confident in their ability to get us working in a timely manner. Throughout the day, they were a pleasure to work with, and thanks to them, we had a safe day. – Jim Hoke, Foreman, PPL - Elizabethville I wanted to thank Glenn Stitt for all-of his help and hard work. I was working with a client late afternoon Friday and Glenn took care of everything that was needed. He is always a great team player, and has always been an asset in helping me out. Keep up the great work! — Greg Diffenderfer, Flagger Force Credit and Collections Specialist Preston Quarles and Lou Pashakarnis did a great job on our site today. I wanted to thank them for doing the best work they could out there. – Wayne Reagle, Foreman, TRC Engineers, Inc. MatthewSudaric has been an amazing help with everything from simple questions about jobs to any IT help. Matt ‘The Man’ always goes above and beyond to help all the crews in our branch. To me, he is the biggest key to my success at Flagger Force. – Will Crenshaw, Flagger Force Advanced Crew Leader KUDOS YOU’RE MAKING US BLUSH KUDOS | 11 10 | KUDOS I would like to thank the crew of Lance Lauriello and Eugene Long for their work following an emergency gas leak during the late evening tonight. The crew was professional and did an excellent job. I appreciate their work greatly! – Brian Morris, Foreman, UGI Anna Dennis and Robert Oldham did a great job on our site today for our client. I appreciated having such a great crew. I hope to work with them again soon. – Kenneth Miller, Flagger Force Crew I would like to say “good job” to Donna Hoffer, Milton Baltimore, Arron Thompson, and Anthony Politio. I appreciated their work out there to keep us safe. – Josh Adams, Foreman, Matrix NAC Thank you to Ben Beane who has been an amazing person to work with and learn from. He has helped with so many difficult setups and has always been my go to for help. – Will Crenshaw, Flagger Force Advanced Crew Leader Chris Bertin and John Hoover did a fine job on our site today. I am very impressed with the crews that Flagger Force has on their staff. – Jim Hoke, Foreman, PPL - Elizabethville Thanks to Tony Lee Jr. for being a great Crew Leader today. He showed great leadership in reinforcing a safe work zone, as well as checked up on me throughout the day. I hope to work with him again! – Talia Krause, Flagger Force Crew Member Today, the crew of Rodger Keaveney, John Tomaselli, John Beckwith, Ron Rambo, and Sedric Morris did an exceptional job! They really kept our crew safe out there. – Joe Gambone, Foreman, Miller Bros. Katherine Buchinsky did an awesome, professional job today. She knew the answer to every question I asked her about typical setups. Thank you to Katy for all your hard work in keeping our work zones safe. – Charles Stuckey, Flagger Force Advanced Crew Leader Donna Hoffer and Michael “Mickey” Reho did a good job today. The work zone was set up very well. They performed the setup quickly, which really maximized our work time. – Ed Launden, Foreman, UGI - West Region I would like to recognize Claudio Marques dos Santos, who has recently been promoted to a Quality Specialist. Just like when he was in the field, he has demonstrated great work ethic, is passionate about his work, and fits in his new role. He treats people with respect every day. – Jason Harris, Flagger Force Operations Specialist I wanted to thank Calvin Twyman for the work he has been doing for us lately. His work has impressed me, as well as the rest of the crews at PPL Lancaster that have had the opportunity to work with him. –Mike Berger, Foreman, PPL - Lancaster