4 | BULLETIN BOARD BULLETIN BOARD | 5 B U L L E T I N B O A R D Marketing Update Accounting Update The transition from the traditional four-ply timesheets to the two-ply client receipts is complete. The yellow copy is required to be given to the client, and the white copy should now be retained by the job lead. REMINDER: On all jobs, ask the client if they have a work order or job number. This number should be entered into the “Client Account Code” field on the tablet. Also, the foreman’s signature must appear on the tablet. It’s important each order gets submitted with all time at the end of your job via the tablet! If you have any questions, please contact your POC. The Gear Store is open for business and is now accessible from your mobile device! You can still use Flagger Force Gear Cards, payroll deduction, or a personal credit card to pay for items. Visit Store.FlaggerForce.com to find high-visibility gear. More Flagger Force branded gear, like T-shirts and hats, will be added to the store soon—stay tuned! Thank you for your patience during our Gear Store upgrade! If you have any questions, please contact your POC. FREE EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (EAP) There will be a new, more in-depth Employee Assistance Program (EAP) starting September 1, 2017. Flagger Force employees and their immediate family members will have instant access to this free counseling service, offered through Mazzitti & Sullivan. Please stay tuned for more details. 2017 INSURANCE OPEN ENROLLMENT August 2017 is open enrollment for Flagger Force insurance benefits. Employee eligibility will be checked—if you have been with the company for a minimum of six months and have worked thirty hours or more per week, you will receive an eligibility notice in the mail. It’s important to review all the information in the eligibility packet for changes in weekly contribution rates and new benefits offered. Please contact the Human Resources Department at 717.482.8800 with any questions. FLAGGER FORCE FOUNDATION HARDSHIP ASSISTANCE Has a recent unexpected life event caused you a financial hardship? The Flagger Force Foundation Hardship Fund may be able to help. The fund is supported by Flagger Force employee donations with the purpose of helping one another when in need. Consider applying for assistance if you are in need and have been actively employed with Flagger Force for six months or more. For more information or to apply, contact Heather Collins at 717.482.8838 or Heather.Collins@FlaggerForce.com. Human Resources Update Top photo: Flagger Force staff enjoying the Aberdeen Maryland IronBirds baseball game on Sunday, July 9. Bottom photo: Children enjoying food during the Maryland Blue Crabs game on Saturday, July 8.