COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT & CYBERSECURITY | 9 8 | SAFETY-DRIVEN SPIRIT AWARD STEVE LINCOLN SR. — ADVANCED CREW LEADER, KING OF PRUSSIA, PA Following the emergency procedure that was reviewed during the pre-job brief, Steve Lincoln Sr. showed true leadership on a job site with a client while working on a pipeline project. Steve and his crew of Roger Endy, Jeremy Rolon, and Steven Finfrock were monitoring a work zone in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, when they noticed an excavator sliding and falling down the hill they were working on. Steve kept the operator of the excavator calm, instructing him to “hold on” as the machine was falling farther down the hill. When the machine came to a stop, Steve provided direction to the operator so he could safely escape harm. He credits effective communication, being aware of his surroundings, and a detailed pre-job brief for knowing what to do in the emergency. “My advice to others is to always be aware of your surroundings. We work in a dangerous environment, and I want our clients and crews to go home safe at the end of the day.” SHERRELL LONG — ADVANCED CREW LEADER, KING OF PRUSSIA, PA As Sherrell was breaking down her work zone from the mobile operation she had performed with her crew that day, she noticed our client’s bucket truck on fire—and that all the passing motorists were taking photos of the burning truck instead of informing the passengers of the fire. Immediately, she got in contact with the client and informed them of the situation. The client pulled the burning vehicle over, and after all the occupants exited, the truck was engulfed in flames. All the passengers were safe and forever grateful for Sherrell’s quick thinking. “I just want people to be good to each other. It really frustrated me to see everyone taking photos of the burning truck instead of trying to save the passengers. We need to look out for one another.” KEVIN HAGERTY — ADVANCED CREW LEADER, HARRISBURG, PA Kevin had just finished a job in Enola, Pennsylvania, and was on his way to drop off a Crew Member at his personal vehicle when he got stuck in traffic; and though it was rush hour, something didn’t seem right as he sat at a standstill about three cars back in a left-hand turn lane with a green arrow. The Crew Member poked his head out of the window and noticed something up ahead just as the driver of the truck in front of them got out to see what was happening. Kevin pulled his truck over and directed the Crew Member to grab two flags and follow him to the scene. Upon arrival, he noticed a motorcyclist lying on the ground. After confirming that 911 had already been called, he and the Crew Member jumped into action controlling traffic around the incident—keeping traffic moving around the scene by ensuring visibility and guaranteeing a clear path for emergency vehicles. Once emergency responders arrived, Kevin continued to control traffic—guarding everyone’s back. Kevin’s quick recollection of his training and take-action attitude helped to protect the victim and keep the public safe. “Be patient. While driving, consider your surroundings—you may not be able to see and know what’s going on. If you’re more patient while on the road, you’re going to see everything a bit more—even when you’re in hurry.” Giving Back to Our Communities Throughout the month of May, Flagger Force employees gave back to the communities we serve in various ways. THANK YOU TO ALL OUR VOLUNTEERS FOR KEEPING OUR COMMUNITIES MOVING! Cybersecurity Safety Tips If you work in the field: 1. Keep Flagger Force tablets locked and hidden in your locked Flagger Force vehicle until it is the end of your shift. 2. Always remember where your Flagger Force tablet is. 3. If your Flagger Force tablet is stolen or lost, report it immediately to Branch Management at your Operations and Training Facility. 4. If you see someone performing suspicious activities while using a Flagger Force tablet, please contact your POC at the Operations and Training Facility. If you work in the office: 1. Always keep your computer locked when you are away from your desk—even if it is for a bathroom break. 2. If you see someone performing suspicious activities while using Flagger Force technology, please contact your supervisor immediately. When you are at home: 1. Remember to review your computer passwords to keep your information safe online. For more tips on this, refer to the May/June issue of In the Zone. To continue our mission to educate our employees about Internet security and best practices, we wanted to provide you with some physical security techniques that will come in handy whether you’re working in an office, in the field, or are at home. Spirit Saves Lives Flagger Force’s MAKE-A-WISH MOTHER’S DAY TRUCK CONVOY — LANCASTER, PA Flagger Force provided traffic control for the 28th Annual Mother’s Day Truck Convoy for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This convoy is a collection of trucks from across the United States that converge at one location to help raise awareness and funds for the Make-A- Wish Foundation of Philadelphia, Northern Delaware & Susquehanna Valley. This event, which holds the Guinness World Record for Largest Truck Convoy, provided over 100 children the opportunity to ride in a truck in the convoy and wave to all the spectators. Thank you to Forrest Oney, Donna Landis, Mark Tuscan, Luis Vega, Anthony Condos, Anthony Polito, Ronald Heiser, Stephany Baver, Allen Hamm, and Bradley Creech for participating in this year’s event! MAKE-A-WISH WALK FOR WISHES — RICHMOND, VA Chante Allen, Landon Combs, and Gene Burke of the Flagger Force Richmond Operations and Training Facility organized a Walk for Wishes fundraiser for the Make-A- Wish Foundation. Along with raising $147.00 in donations for the organization, they also participated in the two-mile walk that was held to raise awareness about the foundation. SPECTRUM CHARTER TOUCH-A-TRUCK EVENT — PITTSBURGH, PA The Spectrum Charter Touch-A-Truck Event is designed to be a family-fun, hands- on experience that allows children of all ages to touch, explore, and interact with trucks, including dump, garbage, and fire trucks. Spectrum Charter is a tuition-free, independent public charter school whose missionis to provideschool-to-work transition instruction for students aged 13–21. For the first time, Flagger Force Pittsburgh staff Chris Marlin, Matt Sudaric, Ben Beane, and John Snyder participated in the day. The event was supplied with Flagger Force–branded vests and hard hats for volunteers to wear throughout the day. King of Prussia Assistant Branch Manager, Lindsey Sokoloski (right), gives Steve Lincoln, Sr. (left), his Safety-Driven Spirit Award. Joe Gibbons (left), King of Prussia Assistant Manager of Quality, and Lindsey Sokoloski (middle), King of Prussia Assistant Branch Manager, give Sherrell Long (right) her Safety-Driven Spirit Award. Luis Otero (left), Harrisburg Assistant Branch Manager, and Dave Savage (middle), Harrisburg Branch Manager, celebrate Kevin Hagerty’s (right) Safety-Driven Spirit Award. Event organizers Debbie Iszauk (left) and Michelle Johnson (right) wear Flagger Force personal protective equipment during their event. Landon Combs (left), Outside Sales Representative, Chante Allen (middle), Richmond Operations Specialist, and Gene Burke (right), Richmond Branch Manager. From left to right, Bradley Creech (kneeling), Forrest Oney, Stephany Baver, Allen Hamm, Ronald Heiser, Tony Polito, Luis Vega, and Anthony Condos from the Harrisburg Operations and Training Facility.