Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12George Maddicks and Jerry Lloyd both did a phenomenal job this morning. The site was set up efficiently, and I am very impressed by their professionalism. – Sean Richardson, Foreman, AUI, Inc. Today I made a site visit to Shakirra Boyd, Jeannette Kempske, and Calvin Hunter Sr. The inspector from State Highway Administration (SHA) was very pleased with this crew’s performance. The client was equally impressed with their work. – David Wildey, Safety Advocate, Flagger Force This morning I placed an emergency order so we can work on some poles. James Shirey II arrived and worked quickly to get the site up and running. My crew felt very safe having him there. – Charles Faucet, Foreman, Verizon, Malvern Line, PA I was very pleased when I met Naishla Wise today. She was a quick learner and used the proper signals to communicate with me. She is a great team player. – Tracy Knier, Crew Leader, Flagger Force Today, our crew of Beth Stoner, Thomas Hamilton, Daniel Guth, and Christopher Jacobsen went above and beyond to provide a safe and professional work zone for us. They deserve a standing ovation! – Pierce Heffner, Foreman, Lehigh County Authority Today I had one of the best experiences with three of your employees: Allison “Alix” Bitzer, Brandon Reid, and Jennifer Pitt. Each of them was a pleasure to work with, knowledgeable, and energetic! We had to set up various work zones in different locations, and not once did they complain. They smiled and were keeping me motivated throughout the day. – Eric Greenawalt, Lineman, PPL, Harrisburg Today our client was very impressed with the quality of our work zone. The crew of Nicholas Woods, Valerie Scandrol, Candy Lynn Boyer, and Ulysses Fitzgerald Moye did a fantastic job. – David Russ, Field Supervisor, Flagger Force Ilia Feger-Papenfuss was very helpful when placing our order with Flagger Force today. She took the time to explain everything, and I could not be more appreciative of her level of attentiveness to detail. – Danny Lacey, Operations Manager, Blue Hen Utility Services Thank you, Flagger Force, for coordinating your volunteers as a part of our United Way Youth Day of Caring. Maria Sauerwine, Shannon Rode, Kimberly Duncan, Heather Wood, Mark Bender, Joseph Vitello, Adam Zipko, Chris Mest, Don Shupp, and Eric Domitrovits all made a huge difference today! – Michelle Loomis, Manager of Leadership Giving and Affinity Groups, United Way of the Capital Region I wanted to give KUDOS to everyone for their assistance in the coordination and following of best practices after a minor incident in the field. Bill Seagrist and Allen Hamm took the reins on the response efforts, and Brian Smathers coordinated the employee’s trip back home. Michelle Rice and Elondo Roby worked as a team to quickly have the employee replaced in the field so our client could continue doing their work. – Lindsey Sokolski, Assistant Branch Manager, Flagger Force, King of Prussia Today, I arrived at a PPL West Shore work zone and noticed that there were several other companies on the same stretch of the highway. Flagger Force had the entire section of the road set up for them to control traffic safely and smoothly. There were flaggers watching intersections, moving cones, and assisting when needed. Traffic flowed without a hitch. Very good job by Michael Whittaker and Christopher V. Williams. – R. Neal Gracey, CM/SS, Henkels & McCoy, East Region I received feedback today from our operations staff in the field in regard to Flagger Force. I have heard nothing but good things about your organization, especially George Maddicks and Zaire Cephas. They showed up on time, communicated their tasks, and always checked in. Your employees take their job very seriously in regard to keeping the public and clients safe. – Michele Reynolds, President, Blue Hen Utility Services, Inc. Recently we have been using Flagger Force services a lot, and the crews that we have received, including Czargas Johnson, Jesse Reed, Dontye Adams, Millicent Tracey, Alexander Johnson, and Cory Walker, did a fantastic job keeping the motorists moving through our work zone safely. – Austin Pryor, Foreman, Rock Creek Line Construction I would like to give KUDOS to Angela Pfahler and Justin Kurtz. They were breaking down their work site when I arrived, but they had all the correct PPE on, demonstrated professionalism, good work ethic, and were very friendly. They are a great representation of our organization. – Joel Keefer, Account Manager, Flagger Force Michael Dowdy and Deron Spencer worked efficiently to set up our work zone so we could complete our work today. We appreciate how well they worked together and with our crew. – Scott Stotler, Foreman, Gabes Services Near our work zone today, there was a car accident that was unrelated to our work. The crew of Michael Tomlinson and Thomas Hamilton both jumped into action and were able to continue their job safely and help those involved in the accident until emergency crews arrived. Thank you for going above and beyond! – Brian Derr, Foreman, Miller Bros. Today was my first assignment as a Crew Leader, and the partner I had with me made my job so easy! Thank you, Ronnell Cook, for doing a great job today. – Karrick Davis, Crew Leader, Flagger Force Flagger Force and its most valuable assets (employees) should be recognized as superior for customer service to their clients. I appreciate the fact that whenever I call, I get a real person and not an automated message. This is so refreshing in today’s corporate world. Thank you! – Cindy Newman, Sales Manager, R.C. Newman, LLC. Tyler Moyer, Zaire Cephas, and Sterling Freeman did an outstanding job today on our site. The job went very smoothly, and I am very impressed by this crew. – Rob Allen, Foreman, Technivate Flagger Force provided great service for us recently. I continue to look forward to working with you. – Joe Thanner, Vice President and Superintendent, L.F. Mahoney, Inc. KUDOS YOU’RE MAKING US BLUSH 10 | KUDOS