Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT Currently an Operations Specialist at the King of Prussia Operations and Training Facility, Jeshima DeVine brings her passion for the arts and desire for knowledge to her role at Flagger Force. After spending a few years in the field, she took the opportunity to transition into operations, where her field experience became a terrific asset. Flagger Force: Jeshima, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. How long have you been with Flagger Force? Jeshima: I have been here for about five and a half years, and it has been such an amazing opportunity. Flagger Force: Tell us about your career progression. Jeshima: I started out as a Crew Member. I was working at an art gallery and needed to make some extra money. I love the outdoors and wanted to find something that would keep me active. I remember telling Lindsey Sokolski, now the Assistant Branch Manager at the King of Prussia Operations & Training Facility, that I needed to stay active and work somewhere that gave me opportunities to grow, and Flagger Force certainly gave me that! Flagger Force: Tell us about your experience as a field employee. Jeshima: Well, for the first few months I was hired, I worked on several PECO projects, which were a lot of fun. Having just moved from California to Pennsylvania, it was a great way to learn the new geography. I’ll admit, doing all that driving and spending all that gas was tough, but I gained so much more experience about client needs and building relationships that it was worth it. Understanding our clients definitely helped me advance here at Flagger Force. For instance, I can read the spray paint colors contractors use on the road to indicate an underground gas leak. I found it all so interesting. Today, when I have employees call me asking exactly where the location of the work is to be set up, I can help them identify the location by referencing those spray paint colors. Flagger Force: Do you ever miss working in the field? Jeshima: Sometimes, yes. The travel and exploring new places was great. In my position as an Operations Specialist in the branch office, I have different opportunities to develop and learn. Flagger Force: How has your time in the field influenced or helped you in your current role as an Operations Specialist? Jeshima: In many ways! I built so many relationships with the foremen out there that when they call, I feel like they trust me when I recommend crew levels or if they will need an arrow panel. I’d like to think that the experiences I had in the field also helped me build credibility with other Flagger Force employees. I have been in their shoes; I get how hard it is sometimes. I share my advice and experience with them and hope to not only inspire them but to also encourage them to keep going and do their work safely and to the best of their ability. It makes me feel good when I can have that type of relationship with a client or employee. Flagger Force: You mentioned you worked in an art gallery before working at Flagger Force. Do you enjoy the arts? Jeshima: I am passionate about the arts, especially photography and painting. My mother is an artist and my father is a musician, so you can say I grew up in a creative environment. My goal for this year is to complete 20 painted canvases. I’ll admit I am having some trouble meeting that so far, but I just enjoy coming home and spending time in my art studio. Sometimes I have an idea in mind, and sometimes I just throw different colors on the canvas and see what I can create out of it. Flagger Force: With all of your knowledge and experience, when you meet a new Crew Member at Flagger Force, what do you tell them? Jeshima: Ask questions. There is no better way to learn than asking questions. Treat everything as a learning experience. Be open and flexible, and don’t take anything for granted. Step out of your comfort zone every once in a while; you may surprise yourself! J E S H I M A D E V I N E 8 | EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT