YOU’RE MAKING US BLUSH KUDOS 10 | KUDOS I just wanted to take a moment to recognize a few great people from Flagger Force that have been extremely helpful. Our orders can be a bit confusing as we change locations and schedules regularly. It is very important that we keep the same crew leads to make it easier to get us started efficiently in the morning. I want to commend Karen Lash for fixing issues several times for me and others here at our company. No matter what the issue, she always comes up with a resolution and I certainly appreciate it. Also, Herman Black has been a crew lead for us for almost a year now. He is a real professional, hard worker, and very knowledgeable in this line of work. He takes control, motivates others, and is an asset to any crew. Thank you! — Tim Shultz, general foreman, Henkels & McCoy, Inc. KUDOS to Patrina Jones for her great work on our job site today. She was very nice and polite. — Travis Miller & Robert Galyon, foremen, InfraSource Underground While completing some work on Germantown Pike today, I had the pleasure of meeting two Flagger Force employees, Jerome Cannon and Daniel Foster. I was blown away by the character of these individuals. They each took the time to formally introduce themselves to me which lead to a deeper, positive connection. They are true ambassadors for the company and their commitment shows. — Shawn Blanchard, project manager/estimator, Brubacher Excavating The crew on our job site today, Angela Pierce, Lestina Branch, and Lamont Mayes, were very helpful. They were always monitoring the site and keeping our vehicles safe while we were working. — Robert Gaylon, foreman, InfraSource Underground We were impressed with the performance of our crew, Matt Wiles, Luke Zimmerman, and Jeremy Amoss today. They had great communication and made us feel safe throughout the day. We could not be more pleased with our experience. — Scott Feltch, foreman, J.A. Myers Building & Development There was a very serious accident in Reading, Pennsylvania today, and I noticed a Flagger Force employee pull his truck over to assist in directing traffic until police could arrive on the scene. Without him, there would have been complete chaos. When I called Flagger Force to recognize this individual, I came to find out his name is Steve Lincoln. Thank you, Steve, for your great work! — motorist Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with Kia Copeland. She was very professional and energetic in her work. — Ed Brennan, sales representative, Sautter Crane While driving in Lancaster, Pennsylvania today, I came across two work zones being managed by Flagger Force. Both sites were very well marked and easy to follow on the busy roadway. Upon calling into the office, I came to find that the employees on the sites were: Melissa Bell, Daniel Palmoski, Ron Guringo, William Testa, Sonia Hurst, and Charles (Sean) Marpoe. — motorist Our company has been impressed with the work performed by Stephen Abel. He has been doing a great job for us and very knowledgeable about keeping us safe. — Jim Diehl, foreman, Stewart & Tate Melissa Bell has been on time and well prepared for our jobs. She does such a great job we never have to worry when Flagger Force is on the road! — Rodger Matthews, foreman, Shiloh Paving & Excavating Our crew was very pleased with the work performed by Michael Reese, Reginald Carter, and Jeremy Amoss. They made us feel like we had nothing to worry about and kept traffic flowing around our work. We look forward to using Flagger Force again. — Herb Youells, foreman, JBL Electric The crews of Artemus Neil, Chris Harris, Andre Baker, Curtis Johnson, Monique Zeigler, Charles Matelis, and Dameatris Moore performed great setups this week. Their quick and safe set up helped our crews finish their three days of scheduled work in just one day and four hours. — John Preis, foreman, BGE Great job to Clarence Crouse and Jacob Hitt. Although they have only been here for a short time, they have been really showing me that they care about the job, our client, and the safety of the motorists. — Richard Orr, Flagger Force advanced crew leader Jamal Scrubb did an outstanding job today working on multiple manhole set-ups. He was very upbeat and positive for our crew. His knowledge on setting up the zone in a high-volume area was very valuable to us completing our job on time for the client. — William Crenshaw, Flagger Force advanced crew leader I want to thank Michael Ulrich and Marcus Pass for being such a hard-working team over the past several months and helping me to provide the client a safe work zone, so they could focus on their work. I appreciate that they were reliable, always on-time and ready to work. We had a lot of fun while making sure everything was done properly. — Catherine Petrucci, Flagger Force advanced crew leader I appreciated Robert Fye’s consideration during our job today. He knew I was not feeling well and stepped in to assist me when I was getting sick. He wanted to make sure I was safe and not hurting myself. — Zachary Poorman, Flagger Force crew leader from the public: “!” from our crew: “!”