HAD A GREAT DAY ON THE JOB? Encourage your client to submit a Kudo by: Kudos@FlaggerForce.com KUDOS! To: CC: Subject: HAD A GREAT WORK EXPERIENCE? Submit your own Kudo by email! TABLET CALLING THE OFFICE Encourage your clients after a great work day to call the office with their comments on how the day went by saying, “Thanks for working with us today! We hope you felt safe and focused on the job. If you have any comments about how our crew performed, feel free to call our office.” PHONE SUBMITTING AN EMAIL Clients can also send their positive feedback to Kudos@FlaggerForce.com. At the end of a great day, remind them with, “It was a great day today! My crew and I look forward to watching your backs again. Feel free to send an email about your experience with us to Kudos@FlaggerForce.com.” EMAIL LEAVING A COMMENT ON THE TABLET When handing your client the tablet to sign, point out the comments section and say, “Thank you for a great day! We look forward to keeping you and your crew safe in the future. Feel free to leave a comment in this field about your experience with us today.” SEND It’s easy to show your appreciation! Email your acknowledgments to Kudos@FlaggerForce.com Today, I observed a lane shift in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania today led by Dale Hamilton and Kevin Moyer. They had all the correct signage and spacing with a wonderful shift taper. I can tell that they take a lot of pride in their work. — Johnny Vieira, Flagger Force area supervisor Jose Ortega has gone above and beyond to help his fellow employees out this week. He has shown leadership and integrity on his job sites. — Denise Gangloff, Flagger Force operations specialist While conducting a peer check, Jessica Fye and Colin Hodges communicated like leaders and worked together to set up the work zone correctly after noticing some incorrect placement. — David Russ, Flagger Force field manager Today, I had the chance to work with some great crew members, Thomas Rabickow III and Devin Briscoe. We were working with a client that was working in multiple locations. We could set up and tear down the locations quickly and effectively for the client. Throughout the day, they each were watching my back with cone and sign placement, great radio communication, and were receptive to any guidance provided. — Eugene Bougher, Flagger Force advanced crew leader Jamal William Jackson St. John is a great worker. It has been a lot of fun working with him, which makes the day go by faster. — Cordell Robinson, Flagger Force crew leader Flagger Force exhibited for the first time at the 102nd Pennsylvania Farm Show. Thank you to all our volunteers who made it a tremendous success: Amanda Robinson, Beth Tice, Luciana Supsic, Jill Showalter, Joe Sacripont, Fred Brennan, Tyler Bird, Ricky Ueberroth, Kent Nation, Lance Harper, Jason Uhl, Emily Yingst, Jennifer Putt, Rebekah Miller, Amanda Mease, Mark Tuscan, Karrick Davis, Mike Whittaker, Jordan Coppersmith, Anthony Polito. — Jen Strobel, Flagger Force vice president of human resources I would like to send KUDOS and a big thank you to Justin Zellers, Dustin Bender, Andre McMillan, Alif Bey, and Jose Velazquez. These gentlemen have been working non-stop in King of Prussia staying ahead of the snow and making sure that everyone has a safe path to and from the parking lot. Thank you for keeping everyone safe! — Jason Uhl, Flagger Force field talent acquisition specialist David Hutter performed a great set-up today. This was his third-day at Flagger Force and he followed his training very well. We had great communication throughout the day, which made the day easier. — Reginald Carter, Flagger Force crew leader This week I had the opportunity to work with Ronald Guringo and Ron Smallwood. They have been exceptional to work with. Thanks for making the job so great. — George Wilcox, Flagger Force crew member