8 | GLOVES YOU GOT GLOVES! NEW Beginning Jan. 2018, Flagger Force will supply impact and cut resistant gloves for all field staff, because your safety is our priority. Hand injuries are on the rise, increasing 43% since 2015. Wearing the gloves will help prevent hand (and finger) abrasions and pinches during job site setup, job site removal, and managing towable equipment. Glove SOP • Gloves shall be put on before handling any sign stands, signs, and equipment such as arrow panels, light towers and PCMS. • Gloves are not required during cone and drum placement. • Gloves are not required during active or passive control of traffic. • Gloves should be inspected weekly for rips or any imperfections that may hinder the cut/impact resistance. • If imperfections are found and determined to hinder the full protection, the gloves shall be turned in to the warehouse for a new pair. • Gloves used for setup and tear down may be removed after the task is completed. This will allow use of warmer gloves in the winter and no gloves in the summer while actively flagging or monitoring a job site. See your area supervisor to get your pair! Why We Love ‘Em The R2 Safety Rigger Glove features include: • ANSI 105:2016 Cut Level A1 • Polyurethane-reinforced thumb saddle, palm, and fingers add durability and oil resistance • Touchscreen index fingertip • Flexible 4-way stretch from the form-fitting spandex on the back of hand • Flexible TPR to the edge of the fingertips, on the knuckles, and back of hand protects the full back of the hand from impact injuries • Hi-vis red palm aids in signaling and alerting