b'YOURE MAKING US BLUSHfrom The weekends always have the most traffic flow for us and this !past Saturday, the person assigned to our job could not make it the public: out. Michael Reese stepped up and came out to help set up and get things started while another employee was on their way. All Clinton Cotton did an excellent job directing traffic today at aawhile he was missing out on plans he made with his wife for very busy intersection. This particular spot has non-stop traffictheir anniversary. He ended up being able to meet her when his and flagging this operation is a challenge. KUDOS to Clinton forrelief came, but we are extremely appreciative of the lengths he keeping everyone safe and for seamlessly directing the flow ofwas willing to go to help us out in a pinch!traffic. Employees like him are much appreciated and deserveJeff Mays, deacon,Apostolic Ministriesrecognition.Amy Johnson, HR manager, ADP Construction Inc. We are very pleased with the work performed by Justin Ray, The Flagger Force Operations Services Center is extremelyNathaniel Burns, and Nicholas Lewis. Not only did we notice efficient. When I send an order email request, they get backtheir professionalism but the vice president of the utility that we to me within 15 minutes! They are transparent and verywere working for drove by our site and reached out letting us communicative whenever they run into any issues. Thank you know that he was impressed with the traffic control. Keep up the for your hard work! Maggie Stallmaker, supervisor, BGE great work! Jeff Farrar, general foreman, Asplundh Construction I was extremely impressed with the professionalism of theWe really enjoyed having Christina McGraw and Leonard Flagger Force crew I worked with this week, including EdwardStephens on our crew the past couple days. Leonard was very James, Troy Schwartz, Brendan Theisler, and Thomas Lane!professional, communicating well with our crew. His supervisor, They continued to work admirably even through the worstChristina was a great mentor to Leonard showing him how to weather conditions. I truly felt safe knowing that they were email a copy of the time sheet to my clerk. My whole team was here to watch our backs! very impressed! Williams Morrison, manager, PenelecTim Stitt, pipeline inspector, Peoples Natural Gas I always respect the teamwork that comes with each crew from Today I watched James Martin and Zachary Karczmarek Flagger Force. In particular, Charles Davis and Stephanie Creed go out of their way to help a confused and sight-impairedwork so well together! Charles works closely with Stephanie to pedestrian and his service dog cross a very busy road. learn the ins and outs of the trade and Stephanie takes the time Its moments like these that make you stop and appreciateto explain the why behind everything they do. This shows the humanity. Douglas Henderson, pedestrian quality of each of these individuals as well as the quality of the training that they receive.I was thrilled with the crew of Stephen Naughton, Justin Greg Baker, owner, Allprobe EnvironmentalLeiphart, and Madison Engelman! Their passion for safetyand their expertise allows me and my crew to focus on whatwe need to focus on. Thank you for your hard work! fromBrad Cowen, foreman, Henkels & McCoy !KUDOS to the crew of Robert McConahy, David Mcfadden,our crew:Bobbi Green, Sandra Vallejos, and Lisa Makuta. Their confidence as a team and the expertise they brought to KUDOS to Kaylee Stevens for her dedication to the Living the work zone was much appreciated. I will definitely beClassrooms program. I have stumbled a few times, but she isordering more crews from Flagger Force!always there to get me back on my feet with more work. I am Mark Boyle, foreman, Tri-M Group, LLC eternally grateful for the effort she puts into her work!Flagger Force brings consistency with each work zone. It isKrystle Campbell, crew membernice to know that I can count on them to do an awesome job noInteracting with angry motorists comes with the territory and matter what! Well done Melissa Hugus, Patrick Cleckley, andis not fun! Thank you, Christopher Meador, Jr., for having my Troy Schwartz! I will be requesting services in the future. back and working through a tough situation with me today on Mike Spiker, road master, Lancaster Township the work site. Maria Hill, crew leaderThe other day I was walking by a Flagger Force crew andI could not have gotten luckier working with someone like dropped my wallet. As anyone would, I immediately started toDaniel Kessler during my first week. He not only coached me panic when I couldnt find it. When I retraced my steps, Terronthrough what I needed to do; he also explained the why behind Parker had picked it up and returned it to me. I am so gratefulit. I am thankful to Flagger Force for scheduling me with for the wonderful people that Flagger Force hires. KUDOS to allsomeone that made me feel comfortable, safe, and confident. of you! Lisa Mincy, pedestrian Kaleigh Ray, crew member'