b'NORTH CAROLINAEXPANSION: FIRST IN FLAGGINGFlagger Force is up and running in North Carolina (NC). TheNorth Carolinians Join the Rankscompany launched into the First in Flight state as 2019 ended.18 people have been hired as crew members in NC. Under the Mike Doner, founder and CEO announced the expansion on ITZmentorship of the ACLs and CLs on rotation in the area, several in mid-October. Soon after, southeastern territory manager, Joshof those individuals have already been promoted. The NC Foltz, and field manager, Danny Rice, led an 18-member crewTraining Crew also builds strong client relationships, fostering south, where work began with Pike Electric on Veterans Day. Flagger Forces reputation as the industry leader in traffic control. Leading With Training According to Rothwell, With our competitors, Pike had to tell Before trail blazing into North Carolina, Flagger Force neededthem what to do. With Flagger Force, they know it will beto put together a team of knowledgeable and eager fielddone correctly.employees willing to spearhead into new terrain. Within a fewRequests for our services is steady. In just a few short months, weeks, the North Carolina Training Crew was assembled. Builtthere have been more than 376 Pike orders. Weve even had to from advanced crew leaders and crew leaders who interviewedhandle some emergencies due to the punishing storms and for the new position, its the first of its kind. The trainingtornado that swept across North Carolina leaving more than crew spent five days at the corporate campus drilling on NC100,000 without power and at least one dead on February 6. We work zone standards. They received three days of technicalimmediately went into storm response mode. With very little instruction and two days of mentor training. notice, we built 13 crews for Pike, pulling field employees from Paving the Way North Carolina and Virginia. Pike said we knocked it out of the The courageous team paved the way and settled into temporarypark, reports Foltz.accommodations around downtown Raleigh. Work began withGrowing Painssix crews of three people, all assigned to Flagger Forces newAs with anything new, the move into North Carolina was not client, Pike Electric. Everyone worked very hard to make sure allwithout its hiccups. Its hard, but rewarding work for a small the is were dotted and ts were crossed with quality setups forgroup of employees to take on expansion of a brand new state. a new client in a new territory, says Daeshawn Covington, ACLCrews needed to rely on their training and good judgment, out of western Pennsylvania. Im grateful for the opportunity towhich has served them and the clients well, but is not without experience the expansion. The weather and the people its stress. A few unlucky team members needed to move into a are beautiful!The training crew excelled at sharing photos and documenting the NC experience on ITZ. ITZ users were given glimpses into everything from prepping truck beds with NC-specific signage to images of Pike linemen performing their job in safe work zones set up by our crews. Feedback from Pike has been very positive. Flagger Force benefits from working with a partner who knows that the best offense is defense. Pike is safety oriented. Theyre not worried with the time it takes to set up the work zone as long as its safe, explains ACL, Lindsay Rothwell. Other clients might say, just put out some cones, but not Pike. They want itdone right. North Carolina images shared on the ITZ app. source: (from left to right) Eugene Bougher, field specialist;Deanna Baptiste, ACL; and Eugene Bougher, field specialist. 8|NC EXPANSION'