b'EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHTH E C T O R S A N T O SAdvanced crew leader (ACL), Hector Santos, has a story toclient to do their work. We had two TMAs. Then in the middle of tell powered by more than seven decades of life and workthe night, the client finished the work and wanted to move to a experience. Hector shares his secret to success and why clientsnew section that required a flagging operation. It takes a long keep requesting him for jobs in this employee spotlight. time to take down cones and signs and stage an entirely new Flagger Force Hector, its great to be with you today, a nearly flagging operation. We started picking up signs and the foreman five-year veteran of Flagger Force. Whats it like being an ACL? confronted me and said, You dont know what youre doing. Whats wrong with you? I said, Were trying to get everything up. Hector Its fun. I love it. I spend a lot of time helping crewAnd he ended up screaming at me. I felt bad. I was shaking. No members. When Im with them, I try to have fun.one has ever talked to me like this man. Its incredible that this Flagger Force Whats a typical day for you? Is there a typical day? man could talk to me like that and I felt so bad that my mouth Hector No, there isnt. It depends on the weather, but every daycouldnt open. Ive never saw that guy again.is a beautiful day. When I get to the job site, I meet with the clientFlagger Force Wow, thank goodness you never saw him again. and with the crew members. I love it because they are young, andDo you work with a lot of different clients?I always challenge them. Hector Yes. Im not bragging but every client I work with, they Flagger Force In what way do you challenge them? always say, Send Hector! Send Hector!Hector See, what happens is that I move around very fast! I moveFlagger Force Thats something to be proud of! As you meet new fast on purpose and challenge them to keep up with me. Whenemployees, do you provide them with any advice?they find out Im 73 they say, Oh Hector, how can you move Hector Make sure you are safe. Be alert at every minute. If youre so fast?! not alert, you can get hit. Never turn your back to traffic. The job Flagger Force We love that you bring some sport into it. A lot ofis easy, but its dangerous also. Use clear radio communication; people respect that you continue working into your retirementno mumbling and speak up! Sometimes they talk on the radio years. What is your motivation for getting up and working about McDonalds or whatever, and I say, No, stop talking! We every day? can talk about other stuff on our break but not while flagging. Hector Ive got to keep my body moving. I cant stay home! I haveFlagger Force Do you like helping others?always been like that. My first job back home, I was 12 years old.Hector Yeah, I love to help people. My mom used to volunteer My mom used to work for a Danish family. Id go to school andat the hospital on St. Croix. She doesnt speak English and she then wash dishes after school. used to go to all the patients and help feed them. I used to tell her, Flagger Force You mention back home. Where did you grow up? dont do that because youll pick up something from the hospital Hector Saint Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. or one of the patients. Shed say, Its all right, God is with me. I think I learned to help others from her.Flagger Force Wow. What brought you to Virginia? Flagger Force Have you ever encountered an angry motorist?Hector I used to work in a ready-mix plant, which shut down inHector No, but Ive heard about people that have. When youre 2014. Virginia was the last place my wifes daughters husbandflagging, you must smile. If you smile, people are going to smile was stationed with the Army and they settled. My son-in-law said,with you.Hector, whenever you retire, come over here. When the plant closed its doors, my wife said, Hector, its time for us to go. IFlagger Force Amazing! Whats the best training youve received?say, What am I going to do in Virginia; Im not a young man. AtHector Everything! Its all my favorite. I like learning more and the time I was 68. When I got here it was a whole new life. I wasknowing different things. I have to keep my brain going at 73.starting over, but I said, I have to make it! Flagger Force How do you apply life lessons youve learned to Flagger Force What made you interested in working for your role at Flagger Force?this company? Hector I get up in the morning. I feel relaxed and I go to work. I Hector I worked for 8 months at a toll booth. I used to workprepare my mind. I get to the job site an hour early to be prepared. six hours a shift, but it was at nighttime. I never worked nightsI remember when I was young, I would say, I want to live only to before; its hard. I was reading the paper and saw the Flagger45. I dont want to give anyone a headache. At 50, I said, My God, Force ad. I said, Let me try it and see what it is. I applied andIm still here! At 60 and then 70 I said, My God, Im still here. I thats where I met Sue Kirby. Shes nice and she helped me a lot. take no medication and I eat right and enjoy living.Flagger Force You keep performing at your best. Any job siteFlagger Force When you are not at Flagger Force, what areexperiences that stick with you? you doing?Hector I was the lead on a night job with a gas company. WeHector I get bored! No, it all dependsif I have a couple days off, set up a detour and completely shut down the road for themy wife and I will travel.'