b'NORTH CAROLINA ZEROEXPANSION: FIRST IN FLAGGING I N J U R I E Sdifferent accommodation because of unsafe conditions. Some134K+administrative road bumps occurred but were corrected. Getting NC signage packed into the truck beds required innovative thinking. The 35 lb. wind master sign stands with retractable legs are taller and heavier than other stands. The ingenious crewM I L E S figured out that Flagger Force trucks will hold a standard ACL load, but with ten wind master stands vs. 12 regular stands. The retracted portion of one wind master stand damaged a FlaggerDRIVEN Force truck window. No one was hurt, but it was an important lesson in proper equipment handling. However, nothing ventured, nothing gained, and we appreciateSO FARthe incredible efforts of the NC Training Crews and their field leadership. Setup for basic flagging operations is slightly different in NC, with only three signs required. But at Flagger Force, we go above and beyond, states Covington. When Flagger Force sets up a basic flagging operation in NC, we place four signs for added safety: road work ahead; one lane ahead;STAY UP-TO-DATE be prepared to stop; and the flagger symbol. This setup makesBe sure to stay in the loop with more sense for the driver. Thats why we have a process toall things NC on the ITZ app. review it from the drivers perspective. Your setup tells the driverFollow along as we continuea story.to grow and expand this newFlagger Force will continue building on what the North Carolinamarket, while supportingexpansion teaches us. Growth will continue throughout the state,your fellow team members ensuring that we are first in flagging. Together, we will keep morelets cheer them on andand more communities safe.support their efforts together!NC EXPANSION|9'