b'T A I L G A T E T A L K2019 YEAR OF GROWTHHATS OFF TO YOUFrom hitting safety goals to building relationships with new clients, in 2019 we had a lot to celebrate. None of these accomplishments would be possible without all of our employees! We know and understand you all have put in a ton of work behind the scenes and we couldnt be more appreciative for all of you going the extra mile. A major contribution to 2019s successes was that all our employees focused on the details of their jobno matter how big or small. Paying attention to details improve our performance as a company, which then helps to build stronger relationships with coworkers, clients, and the public. We continue to grow more and more each yearall thanks to you! If we didnt have incredible employees, we wouldntT1.have the client base we have today. Because of you we grewA R G 11in our exisiting locations and expanded further into VirginiaD . 0 0 O Tand opened our first facility in North Carolina. Our clients trust1 1 A L RFlagger Force to get the job done safely and efficiently. 6 A L 1 INot only were our clients impressed in 2019, but so was the. O 2019 . 4 R0 G 0general public. When you put on your PPE, youre not just going to work, youre accepting the challenge of being a brand ambassador for Flagger Force. Over the course of 2019, we$ SAFESTE0 Y E A R Y E T Vhave received some great compliments about our employees, both on and off the field. We thank you for going above and. 0 I . G R Sbeyond your job duties. Not only are you representing FlaggerO 4 7 D TA T PForce in a positive light, but you are also building upon yourL R $ R A 0personal growth as a member in the community.0. V M551 RS LI14 GOAKUDOSFlagger Force employees go above and beyond to make an impact on their communities. I was able to see that firsthand when Bernard Johnson helped an elderly woman walk around our worksite safely. Dontex Coakley, BGEDART: Days Away, Restricted or Transferred TRIR: Total Recordable Incident Rate RVIR: Recordable Vehicle Incident Rate2|TAILGATE TALK'