b'W E K E E P O U R C O M M U N I T I E S M O V I N G RESPECTa commitment to honoring the diversity of others with dignity. Interacting with different personalities and/or dealing with complicated situations is such an important skill to have when working for Flagger Force. Remembering thatyou can only control your actions is key to gaining respect from others. Below are some tips for things you can do to earn respect:1. You need to give respect to receive it.The golden rule always holds truetreat others the way you want to be treated.If you show respect to someone, they will be more inclined to do the same.TRUST 2. Let your actions speak louder than your words.counting on ourselves and each other to give our best Be humble about your abilities and let your effort and dedication speak for itself.every. single. day.3. Always be willing to jump in and help others.Supporting one another is what Flagger Force is all about! Help out when you can. 4. Say what you mean and mean what you say.Being honest and direct helps people respect your opinion and drive for the work because they know they can trust you to tell them the truth.5. Always strive to be better.There is always room for improvement and growth. No one is perfect and seeingHow do you relate to this value? someone working hard on their craft is inspiring for others.What can someone do to earn your respect? 6. Admit your mistakes.After being promoted to quality We all make mistakeswere human. Dont be afraid to embrace yours and learn specialist, Jordan Washington from them. was my go-to guy. When faced 7. Have an open mind. with overwhelming or new Different people bring different perspectives to the table. Being open to new challenges, he was there for me.ideas and doing things differently can help you grow and develop in your career. I respect him because he is good 8. Work on really listening and hearing people out. at what he does, he is dependable, Make people feel heard. When youre having a conversation, really listen to theirand has wise advice to share.perspective rather than focusing on what you are going to respond with.Larry Thomas, quality specialist9. Make sure to share your KUDOS with those who deserve it.If someone is doing a great job, tell them! It is simple but effective in makingpeople feel good about themselves and you.To learn more about Leadership and Integrity, the other values of our VVM,reference Diving in to Our VVM: Leadership & Integrity in In The Zone Volume VIII. FLAGGER FORCE CULTURE|5'