b'T A I L G A T E T A L KIts All in the Details The smallest detail can make all the difference. Think about a time where you paused and were grateful that you double checked your shoes were knotted or decided to take an alternative route home because of the weather. Now think about what the outcome could have been without thinking about those details. Maintaining situational awareness, especially in a work zone, can help to save someones life and preventhazardous incidents. Flagger Force takes pride in making sure our employees pay attention to detail, whether it be in our technology or work zone setups, etc. Details are not only a major safety measure butthey also help to create a positive image of our company tothe public.TIPS TO BECOME MOREDETAIL ORIENTATED1 Make sure you understand the job and ask questions.2 Mentally picture each step to get the job done.3 Focus on the job at hand to avoid multi-tasking.4 Double check your work after each step.5 Take a break to organizeyour thoughts.'