b'W E K E E P O U R C O M M U N I T I E S M O V I N G Diving in to Our VVM: Trust & RespectIn the last edition of ITZ, we covered the first two values from our VVMLeadership and Integrity. In this edition, we are going to take a deeper look at Trust and Respect.These two values go hand in hand when working with others. A big part of our everyday routine is meeting new people and learning the best ways to work with them in a matter of minutes. As we expand our footprint and grow in size, there will be even more opportunities to meet and work with new people.TRUSTcounting on ourselves and each other to give our bestevery. single. day. Predictable is not a word used to describe Flagger Force. We are tasked with a very risky job every time we step into a work zone. You have to be able to trust your teamto watch your back and keep you safethey need to be able to trust you. Its thelittle things that make for a great first impression, see below ways you can buildtrust quickly. 1. Dont underestimate a good greeting. A smile can go a long way with someone when they first meet you. Consider usingtheir first name and avoid coming off cold or closed off. How do you relate to this value?2. Take your time when talking.What trust should we buildSpeaking quickly comes more naturally, but the calmer you are, the more likelywhen we are out in the field? people are to pick up on the same relaxed attitude. When were on the road, whether3. Find a commonality.we are actively or passivelyWhen you speak to something that the other person is familiar with, it can helpflagging, it is important to havethem feel like they know you. that trust not only for your crew,4. Ask questions to get to know each other.but also for ourselves, the client,Take the limited time before a job to ask questions. Then, when the day is over,and the public. Establishing thisconnect with your crew on the ITZ app letting them know you look forward to working at the start of the job sets awith them again.great tone for the day. Jackie McVey, field specialist'