b'KUDOS HAD A GREATDAY ON THE JOB?Encourage your client to submita KUDO by:Parnell Gamble, Russell Yarborough III, Termaine Scott, and Omilthong Milfort truly went above and beyond. Today I witnessed them taking turns pushing an older lady that was in1 LEAVING A COMMENTa wheelchair safely around our work zone to her senior living home that was located in the job site. They then made sureON THE TABLETthat she safely entered the building. That is what I call keepingPoint out the comments section and our communities moving, literally! The clients and I noticed thissay, Thank you for a great day! We look heroic effort. Keep up the great work!forward to keeping you and your crew safe Brandon Hamilton, area supervisor in the future. Feel free to leave a comment The one word that I would use to describe Cory Jones isin this field about your experience with us dependable. He is there for me when I have questions or justtoday. need some guidance. If it werent for him I wouldnt have become an advanced crew leader within 3 months of joining the Flagger Force team. Jessica Knestout, advanced crew leaderIt has been a pleasure to see Elvin Gonzalez develop and grow2 CALLING THE OFFICEin his career. Now we work together as crew leaders! Keep upEncourage the client to call by saying, the great work! Thomas Treat, crew leader Thanks for working with us today! If you As I was about to leave the work site for the day my truck had ahave any comments about how our crew malfunction that left me sitting waiting for a tow. I was working with Brittney Ingersoll and she stayed behind safely coning offperformed, feel free to call our office. my truck and then after the truck was towed, drove me to the central PA facility to pick up a loaner. Because of her, I got home safely and was able to make it to my job the next day. Christine Knouse-Schuster, advanced crew leaderJulie Hagen has been an integral part in gaining back work with3 SUBMITTING AN EMAILVerizon Indiana. She has maintained professional and effectiveAt the end of a great day, remind them relationships with foreman even when they were using serviceswith, It was a great day today! Feel free to from a different company. Her conversations with Verizonsend an email about your experience with Indiana provided good information that we were able to use tous to Kudos@FlaggerForce.com.leverage our work back. Thank you for your dedication toour clients and keep up the great work! Chris Marlin, market leader Today was my second day on the job and RobertGregg not only made me feel comfortable but gaveme some very helpful advice that I can use moving HAD A GREAT forward. Thank you, Robert, for going out of yourway to welcome me to Flagger Force with such WORK EXPERIENCE?passion for the job! Cody Carpenter, crew memberWhile conducting training, Ryan Hairfield safely Its easy to show your appreciation!pulled over and assisted a woman that lost the Email your acknowledgments togrip on her dogs leash. Ryan leads by example Kudos@FlaggerForce.comand deserves a huge KUDO for going above andbeyond. Christopher Medovich, crew leaderKUDOS to Jill Showalter for her tireless efforts Dont see your in leading a fantastic onboarding week! Special KUDO? Share itthanks to Iquil Irick, Brendon McTighe, SeanHawkins, Carrie Horrex, Hector Montalvo, and on the ITZ app!Olivia Weston for their enthusiasm! Joe Banner, business development manager 11|KUDOS'